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Dry cleaning of office wall-to-wall carpeting — ask for an offer

Dry cleaning of worsted and synthetic home rugs — 14€ 12,5€/m²

Dry cleaning of silk and exclusive carpets — 17,5€/m²

Transportation of home rugs — 30€ 0€ (two way carriage)

Dry cleaning of cushioned furniture — 22€ 18€/seat

Dry cleaning of office chairs — 15 €/pc

Dry cleaning of leather furniture and treatment with protection resin coating — 21€ 20/seat

Dry cleaning of car passenger compartments (the whole passenger compartment) — from 75 €

Dry cleaning of car seats (textile or leather) — 19€ 18€/seat

Machine-wash of linoleum floors and treatment with protection resin coating — from 75 €

Wash of clinker floors with cleaning of seams — from 70 €

Power wash of natural stone floors, treatment with protection resin coating and polishing — from 70 €

Washing of parquetry floors, treatment with protection resin coating and polishing — from 70 €

Washing of any wooden floors and treatment with protection oil – 2.50 €/m² + cost of oil

General and intermediate cleaning up after building — from 4 €/m²

Daily cleaning of premises — ask for an offer


Cleaning of snow from horizontal surfaces — ask for an offer

Cleaning of roofs of icicles — ask for an offer

And so on – ask for an offer!

The exact cost of services will be determined after inspection of the object.



In case of minor works the minimum cost of services is 45 €.

VAT 20% will be added to the price as applicable.

The orders will be accepted every day from 10.00—20.00.



The minimum price of 45 €.

The above are basic prices. The final price depends on the method of clean, the area and degree of dirt of the surface being cleaned.

It is important to remember that fight stains better as soon as you find them. The longer it takes to process them, the harder it will remove the stain.

When ordering, please inform us of type of material and degree of it dirt. If you have any special requests about the cleaning, we are ready to implement them!

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To get an exact price proposal, please enclose the photo of the product, which must be cleaned in the form.

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