Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

OÜ Diivanipuhastus specializes in professional cleaning of soft and leather furniture, all kinds of textile coatings, car cabins, as well as home carpet and Office carpeting.

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Technologists of our company successfully cope with such incidents as: coffee stains, spots of jam, chocolate stains, stains of Edible fat, chewing gum, patches of alcoholic drinks and juices, smells of urine and vomiting, blood stains, mold, inks and markers, paint stains, spots of fuel oil and bitumen, wax, stain perfumes and more. Of course, that some stains simply remove immediately after their appearance, so the dry cleaning of furniture can be performed on the operational challenge: after a couple of hours after your call to you arrive specialists OÜ Diivanipuhastus with all necessary equipment. Such works may be done also on weekends and holidays.
Cleaning of upholstered furniture done by professionals who have extensive experience with diverse and costly coatings, therefore, appealing to us, you can be sure that your furniture does not lose its distorts and color. When the tool is not and does not drain to splatter when being dispensed surrounding things, thereby empowering them from damage.
All cleansers carefully chosen for each material of the surface being cleaned. Depending on the type of coverage are wet (deep) cleansing, various kinds of dry cleaning, washing foam or use combined cleaning methods.
OÜ Diivanipuhastus uses detergents that are ISO 9001: quality certificate and ISO 14001 certificate for environmental protection. Level of surfactants (SURFACTANTS) which we use does not exceed 15%, which fully complies with the environmental standards of the European Union. By customer desired may be used cleansers without the smell, so that a client with allergies can comfortably sit and watch the process of cleaning.

Dry cleaning leather furniture and restoration

When cleaning leather furniture our experts follow the three priorities:

  • dry cleaning is done very carefully so as not to damage the material in any way
  • 100% ensured quality remove any grime to restore the original appearance
  • protects the skin from dirt and wear long enough.

Household cleaning carpets and rugs

OÜ Diivanipuhastus offers professional services in the field of household cleaning carpets of any type, from synthetic to the silk. For cleaning of carpets, we have a specialised shop with modern equipment and drying chamber, which means that there is no third-party companies in the production chain and the minimal terms of execution of the order (from two to three days).
We also provide service to transporting carpets. Taking out and delivery of carpet is by appointment at a convenient time for the customer. Dry cleaning of carpets in our workshop provides deep rinse and complete cleaning cloth to the fundamentals of carpet.

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